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Your domain may be the first interaction someone has with your brand and this can have a direct effect on business.

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Premium domains are more likely to get you direct, type-in traffic. Direct traffic is known to have high conversion rates.

An intelligent investment

A marketable, generic domain name not only helps build your brand, but increases in value like good real estate.

Better SEO and ranking

Get improved search engine results with a premium domain name that matches popular keywords and phrases.

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A premium domain is a high-quality domain name that has been previously registered but is available for sale at today’s market value. Premium domains are considered to be of higher quality and value if the name is shorter, has a higher search volume, is closely associated to the actual service or industry, and typically uses a .com TLD. Such domains are easier to remember, easier to promote and position.

It’s all about first impressions. Premium domain names present your business in the best possible light, giving you a foot up on the competition simply by virtue of having a unique, memorable, generic or geo-targeted domain.

Premium domain names are shorter, more memorable, and more appealing to a broader audience. They are typically unique or catchy names that intuitively signal their subject matter or audience. A regular domain, also called a Primary Registration, is a domain that has never been registered before. For popular TLDs like .com, it’s understandable that many names have already been registered.

Our domain leasing model guarantees you exclusive rights to rent the domain during a 6-month intervals. Therefore, it is contingent upon your end of the agreement being kept by paying on time and not infringing on any trademark with the domain being leased.